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Ernehale Flying High Academies

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Teaching & Learning

Through our teaching, we aim for our children to STRIVE for success by developing inquisitive, curious, independent learners who are able to learn and apply new skills and knowledge to all areas of their life.


Our researched based lesson design model, which has been implemented across the whole school, ensures there is a consistent approach to high quality teaching and learning which supports our children in achieving their very best.  


Our lesson design model consists of 5-parts:

  • Reactivate – where children are encouraged to retrieve relevant key prior knowledge from their long-term memory.
  • Teach, Facilitate, Model -  where new knowledge and skills are taught and prior knowledge is built upon in order for children to successfully complete independent practice.
  • Learning Together – where children apply and use new learning collaboratively with peers, adult support or scaffolds.
  • Independent Practice – where children are provided with activities to apply their new learning
  • Reflect – an opportunity to reflect on and consolidate their new learning


Our lesson design is not to be used as a rigid framework, but as a fluid model. A typical lesson would begin with a ‘Reactivate’, followed by the ‘Teach, Facilitate, Model’. Then staff have the flexibility to use the model as they deem appropriate.  


It is imperative that each learning objective is broken down into smaller teaching points within each lesson in order to support the pupils with the understanding and retention of new learning.    Each teaching point should be taught and modelled through the Teach, Facilitate, Model (TFM) section of the lesson design. Pupils should then be given the opportunity to apply each teaching point through the Learn Together (LT) section of the lesson design. Once this has been completed, teachers can move onto the next teaching point to repeat the same steps of TFM into LT.     The rationale behind our lesson design is to ensure the following is in place:

  • A consistent approach to teaching across the school driven by research (Rosenshine, 10 Principles of Instruction, 2012)
  • High quality teaching to ensure all pupils achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Planning sequences of work which build on children’s prior learning and knowledge to allow children to make connections between prior and current learning (storing information in the long term memory and reducing cognitive load)

Ernehale Flying High Academies

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