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  • At Early Years, the key knowledge progression document takes reference from the following documentation: Early Years Framework, Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters.

  • At Key Stage 1 and 2, the Key Knowledge Progression Document takes full account of the National Curriculum’s requirements and groups these into the following strands:

    • Design

    • Make

    • Evaluate

    • Using Technical Knowledge

    • Cooking and Nutrition

  • These strands have been selected to reflect the key knowledge and skills in the National Curriculum subject content.

  • Children should work in a range of relevant contexts [for example in KS1, the home and school, gardens and playground, the local community, industry and the wider environment and for example in KS2, the home, school, leisure, culture, enterprise, industry and the wider environment].

  • Skills are dependent on specific knowledge. A skill is the capacity to perform and, in order to perform, a deep body of knowledge needs to be acquired and retained. These knowledge statements should be what pupils retain forever. In other words, this knowledge is within their long-term memory and will be retained.

  • When considering pupils’ improvement in subject specific vocabulary, pupils could be provided with a knowledge organiser which contains the relevant words used for design technology for their age group.

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