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British Values

British Values

At Ernehale we are committed to promoting and nurturing British values. These values are essential in preparing our children to become responsible, respectful and active citizens in our diverse society. We believe in fostering an inclusive and harmonious environment where everyone feels valued, respected and able to thrive.

Here are the British values that we actively promote and nurture within our school community:


1. Democracy: We believe in the importance of democracy and provide opportunities for our children to learn about and participate in decision-making processes. We encourage open discussions, active listening and respect for differing opinions. 


2. Rule of Law: We emphasise the significance of laws and rules in maintaining a happy and safe environment. Children learn about the concept of fairness, consequences and the positive impact of following rules. We foster a sense of responsibility and encourage our children to take ownership of their actions.


3. Individual Liberty: We promote individual liberty within a framework of personal responsibility and respect for others. Our children are encouraged to express their opinions and beliefs freely, while understanding their actions on others. 


4. Mutual Respect: We foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness and tolerance. Our children learn to appreciate and celebrate the diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures within our school and wider community. We actively promote understanding, empathy and friendship, ensuring that everyone feels included and valued.


5. Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs: We value and respect the diversity of religious and non-religious beliefs within our society. Through our curriculum, we provide opportunities for our children to explore and understand different faiths, cultures and traditions.


By embracing these British values, we aim to empower our children to become responsible global citizens who make positive contributions to society. Our curriculum reflect these values, ensuring that every child at Ernehale receives a well-rounded education that prepares them for life in modern Britain.

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