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  • At Early Years, the key knowledge progression document takes reference from the following documentation: Early Years Framework, Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters.

  • At key stage 1, the key knowledge progression document takes full account of the national curriculum and groups it in the following strands:

    • Within living memory

    • Beyond living memory

    • Lives of significant people

    • Local history

    • Historical enquiry

    • Interpretation

  • At key stage 2, the knowledge progression takes full account of the national curriculum’s strands of:

    • Chronology, from the stone age to 1066

    • One study beyond 1066

    • Ancient civilizations

    • Civilizations around 900AD

    • Ancient Greece

    • Historical enquiry

    • Interpretation

  • The strands ‘Historical enquiry’ and ‘Interpretation’ have been included to reflect the purpose of study and aims of the History NC for Key Stage 1 and 2.

  • Decisions made include the following:

    • Y3 – British history is in chronological order

    • Y3 – Main differences between Stone age, Bronze age and Iron Age

    • Y3 – Ancient Greece – strong links with the geography statements in year 3 (i.e. European country study – teaching of volcanoes and earthquakes can also be linked to the study of ancient Greece)

    • Y4 – British history chronology continues with the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain

    • Y4 – Also study overview of the first civilisations including 1 in-depth study (links could be made with the study of rivers and an ancient civilization such as the Egyptians)

    • Y5 – British chronology continues with the impact of the Anglo Saxons and Viking invasions (links to land use change over time in geography - there is a heavier geography content in Y5 and therefore a light history)

    • Y6 - British chronology continues with beyond 1066 (suggest the event chosen links with the local history study also in Y6)

    • Y6 –Ancient civilization from a non-European society that contrasts with British history (could link with Y6 geography on differences between developed and underdeveloped nations, economic activity and trade

  • Skills are dependent on specific knowledge. A skill is the capacity to perform and in order to perform a deep body of knowledge needs to be acquired and retained. These knowledge statements should be what pupils retain for ever. In other words, this knowledge is within their long-term memory and will be retained.

  • When considering pupils’ improvement in subject specific vocabulary, pupils could be provided with a knowledge organiser which contains the relevant words used for history for their age group.

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